Solar, Don’t Buy Cheap Solar

From many years of experience, we are seeing many people falling for cheap solar systems attracted buy cheap prices.

Reasons why some solar systems are so cheap.

  1. The products are cheap and many don’t come with manufacturers warranty. They are known as grey imports. Some are not CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved.
  2. The Retailers don’t abide by CEC conditions of repairs and warranty.
  3. Many of the Retailers and Installers will not honour their warranty and installation terms
  4. Many installers cut corners with cheap corners with cheap rails and fixings.
  5. Retailers closing down due to financial difficulties and you can’t contact them when needed.




Things are about to change – Its about time!!!

For many years the industry has been unregulated and consumers have had great difficulty getting redress through Consumer Laws. From January 2022 the CEC will introduce strict guidelines for retailers and installers throughout Australia and consumers will have far better chance of getting their problems solved.


We have attached the link below to see the CEC new regulations.

new-energy-tech-consumer-code-2021.pdf (

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