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EnergyWhat electric car buyer incentives are offered across Australia?

What electric car buyer incentives are offered across Australia?

  • Wondering what’s on offer for potential electric car buyers in Australia? Here’s what to expect in NSW

Until very recently in Australia, unlike almost every other country in the OECD, there was no incentive at any level of government to buy electric vehicles.

Sure, the Federal Government has a higher threshold for green cars before it applied the Luxury Car Tax, but that applies to any car with fuel efficiency below 7.0 litres per 100km, and can’t really be called an electric vehicle (EV) incentive.

Update: This story originally ran in March this year, but we’ve updated it to reflect recent policy announcements.

However, over the last few years Australian state governments have announced measures to encourage the transition to EV ownership. Those lucky enough to live in the ‘right’ state can save thousands of dollars.

Below is a look at the consumer-oriented initiatives of each state, and the impact on the price of Australia’s most popular electric car.

New South Wales

In straight dollar terms, NSW is now certainly in the incentive lead. Just like the ACT, new and used EVs (under $78,000) are exempt from stamp duty.

In addition to this, the first 25,000 electric vehicles sold under $68,750 attract a $3000 rebate on the purchase price.

Along with these incentives comes over $170 million to be spent on charging infrastructure within New South Wales.

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